Agent services with ASP.NET Core


A package with extensions and default implementations for use with ASP.NET Core is available.

Configure required services

Inside your Startup.cs fine in ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) use the extension methods to add all dependent services and optionally pass configuration data.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // other configuration

Configure options manually

You can customize the wallet and pool configuration options using

services.AddAgent(config =>
    config.SetPoolOptions(new PoolOptions { GenesisFilename = Path.GetFullPath("pool_genesis.txn") });
    config.SetWalletOptions(new WalletOptions
        WalletConfiguration = new WalletConfiguration { Id = "MyAgentWallet" },
        WalletCredentials = new WalletCredentials { Key = "SecretWalletEncryptionKeyPhrase" }

Use options pattern

Alternatively, options be configured using APS.NET Core IOptions<T> pattern.


Set any fields you’d like to configure in your appsettings.json.

    // config options
    "WalletOptions": {
        "WalletConfiguration": {
            "Id": "MyAgentWallet",
            "StorageConfiguration": { "Path": "[path to wallet storage]" }
        "WalletCredentials": { "Key": "SecretWalletEncryptionKeyPhrase" }
    "PoolOptions": {
        "GenesisFilename": "[path to genesis file]",
        "PoolName": "DefaultPool",
        "ProtocolVersion": 2

Initialize agent middleware

In Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env) start the default agent middleware

public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env)
    // Endpoint can be any address you'd like to bind to this middleware

    // .. other services like app.UseMvc()

The default agent middleware is a simple implementation. You can create your middleware and use that instead if you’d like to customize the message handling.


See AgentMiddleware.cs for example implementation.


In ASP.NET Core, the order of middleware registration is important, so you might want to add the agent middleware before any other middlewares, like MVC.

Calling services from controllers

Use dependency injection to get a reference to each service in your controllers.

public class HomeController : Controller
    private readonly IConnectionService _connectionService;
    private readonly IWalletService _walletService;
    private readonly WalletOptions _walletOptions;

    public HomeController(
        IConnectionService connectionService,
        IWalletService walletService,
        IOptions<WalletOptions> walletOptions)
        _connectionService = connectionService;
        _walletService = walletService;
        _walletOptions = walletOptions.Value;

    // ...